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Help: Change Password

The Change Password page allows a borrower to select a password of their choice. The password should be something easy for you to remember but difficult for anyone else to guess. Longer passwords provide better protection. Mixing upper and lower case letters along with numbers or special characters provides the most security.

You can provide the following information:

  1. Password: Enter the password you wish to use in the future. A password can be from three to twenty letters, numbers or special symbols.
  2. Again: You must enter the password twice, exactly the same both times. If the passwords do not match, you will receive an error message and be requested to try again.
  3. Pass Phrase: This is a question that you can be asked in the event you forget your password. We suggest this is something personal that is not common knowledge.
  4. Response: This will be your answer to the Pass Phrase question. Your answer must match this or the password will not be reset.
  5. Email: Your current email address. We encourage you to provide a valid address. In the event you forget your password, you can request that the password be sent to you via email.

After entering your information, click the Submit button once (don't "double-click" the button). If all information is accepted, you will receive a confirmation that the password was changed. If any information is not accepted, you will be shown the error and given opportunity to correct it.

Some additional information about passwords, security and your account.

  • Be sure you know if your Caps Lock is on before you change your password.
  • Provide an email address! In the event you forget your password, you can have it emailed to you and be accessing the service within minutes. Your email address will only be used in response to your inquiries or to contact you on matters concerning your account. Your address will not be given to any unauthorized party and will not be used for marketing or advertising purposes.
  • Never share your account information with anyone. Your login information is your "electronic signature". Guard it like you would your checkbook or credit cards.
  • Pick your pass phrase as carefully as you pick your password. "What is my birthdate?" is not a good choice as it is something anyone can find out about you. Use something obscure that only you would know.
  • ECSI staff will never ask you for your PIN or password. If someone asks for your PIN or password, no matter how believable, DO NOT provide it.
  • ECSI will not provide PIN or password information to any unverified person, please do not ask. If we cannot confirm your identity we will not provide the account information.