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Help: Update My Information

The Update My Information page allows a borrower to maintain their demographic information (such as their address). You will see the information that is currently on file in the form when you first come to the page. Provide any information that has changed by replacing what is already in the form with the correct information (you don't have to retype anything that is already correct).

A warning message may appear near the top of the page if we believe that there is a problem with the information on file.

  • The Sample of error icon. symbol is displayed if we believe that the address on file is incorrect. Possibly the post office returned mail marked "Undeliverable, no forwarding address".
  • The Sample of warning icon. symbol is displayed if your home phone number or date of birth are incorrect or missing.

  • If you see either of these two symbols, we suggest you review your information carefully and correct any errors. You are obligated to keep your contact information current for your student loan debts.

    You can provide the following information:

    1. Address: There are two address lines, and a city, state and zip line (combined together).
    2. DOB (Date of Birth): If your DOB is incorrect, you should provide it. Enter the month, day, and year in the correct space on the form.
    3. Phone Numbers: The Home phone number should be your primary phone number. You can also supply your Work phone number, FAX number, and Cell phone number.
    4. Email: Your current electronic mail address. We encourage you to keep this current.

    When everything appears to have been entered correctly, press the Submit button once (don't "double-click" the button). One of two actions will occur. If all information provided appears valid, you will receive a confirmation that the information was accepted for review. If any problems were detected, you will be shown the error and given a chance to correct it.

    It can take up to one business day for a demographic change to be registered in the system. Do not be alarmed if your information on the web site is not updated immediately. All changes are reviewed by a customer service representative. Any questionable or incomplete submissions are verified before being accepted.