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Help: Borrower Login

The Borrower Login page is the gateway to access the information provided in the My Account portion of our web site. In order to securely identify yourself, you will be requested to provide the following information which was provided to you via U.S. Mail at the time ECSI began servicing your Federal Perkins Loan:

  1. Organization Code: Each institution that ECSI services is assigned a unique two or three character identifier. Please note that this website is intended only for borrowers whose loans are held by the Department of Education. If you have student loans that are not with the Department of Education, you will need to access a separate website with a separate login name and password.
  2. Account Number: A 8-digit number associated with your account. You will also find your account number on documentation and billing statements received from ECSI.
  3. PIN/Password: Initially, ECSI assigns each borrower a PIN. The PIN will serve as your password until you change your password. Once you have changed your password, your PIN is only needed if you forget your password.

Note: The PIN for your ECSI online account is different than your Federal Student Aid PIN used to apply for financial aid.

After entering your login information, click on the Login button once ("double-clicking" the Login button may cause an error). If your login information is valid, you are presented with the My Account page for your account. If your login information cannot be validated, the login page is presented again with an error message indicating what is incorrect.

Note: If this is the first time you are accessing our services, use your PIN as your password until you have selected a password of your own!

Below are some notes that may be helpful.

  1. Secure Pages: ECSI strongly recommends that borrowers use the secure pages whenever possible to keep their student loan and other financial information confidential.
  2. Privacy: ECSI takes the privacy of your information very seriously. Please see our Borrower Privacy Statement for full disclosure of ECSI's practices.
  3. Student loan information is updated every morning at 4 a.m. and the database is generally unavailable from 4:00 a.m. and 4:30 a.m., Eastern Time. If you try to access your account information during the update, you will receive the message "Database is unavailable (###)".If you receive this message during normal service hours, please contact our Customer Service Team to report the problem. Include the three-digit error number in parenthesis.